About me

Welcome to my portfolio page and thank you for dropping by.

My name is Alessandra Mignardi, I am an Italian freelance photographer and I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands, with my family since 2006.

My home town in the heart of Italy was too small for me, as a teenager I wanted to be an Aid Worker and tell about it with my photos. Which I did in Iraq, India and Afghanistan right after studying Political Sciences and Development Studies in Rome.

Proudly I am a now a full time mother of three children who never had a nanny: this requires a high level of mobility and stamina, managerial, negotiation and interpersonal skills in three languages, 24/7 -365 days a year.

It’s against my food religion to eat ready-made processed food: I am a total foodie and sourdough bread nerd. Through food photography I like to tell stories.

My style of photography is a combination of my life style and skills. I am a keen observer and do not like to intrude, rather I like to portray the life and stories of people by capturing details from different perspectives.

Some of my skills

Full time mum (no nannies required)
Photographer (story teller)
Foodie (sourdough bread addicted)
Creative Director

Kaleidoscope Project

Let’s get in touch

Tilburg, the Netherlands
+31 (0)6 57431999