Alessandra Mignardi

Lifestyle, food and reportage photographer

Hi there, my name is Alessandra Mignardi, I am wife and full time mother of three children, foodie by birth, green finger and photographer by profession. Born and raised in the heart of Italy, since 2006 I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Photography is a part of everything I do. Creativity and versatility are my strength properties: when clients give me their products and ask me to surprise them, I am in my element.

As photographer I was born as a storyteller, what in Italian we call “reportagistico”. That is my style when I report an event, be it a birth, a festival, a day-in-the-life, a wedding and a funeral. I am a keen observer and do not like to intrude, rather I like to catch the life and the stories of people from details and different perspectives of the people involved.

Raised by three great cooks - my mum and both my grannies- I have my own food religion. Together with the passion for cooking, grew up in me the passion for styling and photographing good, comfort, natural food.